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go2DECODE Version 5.1
27.07.2016 14:13

go2DECODE Version 5.1

New and improved decoder, new GUI features and integrated universal receiver control

Connect the receiver and go!

The familiar universal receiver control from go2MONITOR is now also integrated into go2DECODE. Thus, monitoring will be even easier: install go2DECODE, connect the receiver, configure and go.

Quick and easy to the target!

Many analysis displays have been given new functions for easy operation.

I can also show the search frequency and bandwidth as well as the nominal frequency in addition to the live signal currently being heard in the spectrum / sonagram display. I simply activate and adjust the mouse on my desired signal. I do not even have to do much calculating, the absolute frequency value is displayed directly to me.

The analysis display shows me the absolute signal time and I can change between lines and dot representation, for example, to detect signal value frequencies.

I can now adjust the zoom factor with Ctrl + mouse wheel in the results and the bit display.

Live analysis with go2MONITOR and go2DECODE!

Detect broadband signals in go2MONITOR and analyse them directly live with go2DECODE. No problem, they can directly switch a channel from go2MONITOR parallel as input to go2DECODE.

And even more decoders!

Of course, there are new decoders and advanced features with the release:

  • MT 63
  • Clansman
  • Autocab
  • Olivia 8/250, Olivia 16/500
  • HFDL automatic switching of PSK2 and PSK4
  • Detector for Thales System 3000 Skymaster Selcall
  • Detector for Panther-H Sync-Sequence
  • Universal modem detector based on bit-autocorrelation, signal timing and bit pattern
  • Output of single burst periods (for example, for comparison with other sensors such as finding / locating etc.)
  • Results output in UTF8

General innovations

go2DECODE is state of the art. Version cycles are short lived. Thus, the latest developments and customer requirements can be directly taken up and implemented in new versions.

Take advantage of this and always have the chance to work with the latest version and the latest decoders. Complete a software update contract. For 15% per year of the list price of their software licences, you receive at least one update each year.

Product development

We develop our products entirely in house. By streamlining we remain flexible, are able to respond quickly to market demands and keep the quality under control. Also, our support is located at the company headquarters in Pforzheim. You speak directly with us.










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